Rainfall & Drought

Climate change has brought about a change in rainfall patterns which is generally decreasing rain in formerly dry areas and increasing rainfall in the wet areas. We need to find ways to take advantage of these new patterns by capturing more of the rainfall and diverting it to the dryer areas.

Rainfall Issues

The Aquifers

Much of Hawaii's pristine fresh water comes from its volcanic stone aquifers. The increasing demands for water from Hawaii's increased population and tourist industry, combined with rising ocean levels have shrunk the supply of fresh water in the aquifers, particularly on Oahu.

Groundwater Issues

Rivers & Streams

The flow of fresh water streams and rivers in Hawaii have also significantly declined. At the same time, shrinking government funding has curtailed stream level tests and sampling so the decline is uncharted.

Rivers & Streams Issues

Water Conservation

Water conservation is the key to preserving Hawaii's dwindling freshwater supply. Many mainland cities have successfully used new methods of conservation as part of their future water plans. Water rates need to be utilized which encourage users that are conserving water at the same time as punishing water wasters.

Conservation Issues

News & Research

Officials to discuss elevated risk cesspools pose…

West Hawaii Today; Max Dible, 25 June 2018:  Every day cesspools throughout Hawaii send an excess of harmful nutrients pouring into nearshore ocean water and threatening to infiltrate the freshwater drinking supply.  Hawaii island is home to tens of thousands of them representing nearly half of the known cesspools used throughout the state.  With the deadline of 2050 to shut down every one of … Read More...

17-19 July 2018 Construction Stormwater Quality Workshops

Enhance your ability to efficiently serve your clients, in a manner compliant with the new Hawaii Water Quality Rules. Learn the latest “how to” and best practices for design, plans review, construction, and post construction stormwater quality, one year in to implementing the new Water Quality Rules. The workshop is expected to include staff leaders from within the City and the design and … Read More...

Why resilience is resonating in grid modernization dialogues

June 2018, By Heather Clancy for Green Biz. It’s impossible and fiscally irresponsible to have discussions about future investments in grid infrastructure without considering their implications for regional resilience: the capability to withstand catastrophic weather or natural disasters without prolonged electricity outages. That adage applies equally to both remote islands heavily reliant … Read More...

New research shows how submarine groundwater affects coral reef growth

April 2018: University of Hawaii. Groundwater that seeps into the coastal zone beneath the ocean's surface--termed submarine groundwater discharge (SGD)--is an important source of fresh water and nutrients to nearshore coral reefs throughout the globe. Although submarine groundwater is natural, it can act as a conduit for highly polluted water to shorelines. A recently published study, led by … Read More...

Maui County to appeal wastewater discharge case to US Supreme Court

April 2018: LAHAINA, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui County could is gearing up for a legal battle over wastewater. County officials say they will appeal its Lahaina wastewater case to the U.S. Supreme Court. That's after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Friday rejected the County's petition to reconsider it's February ruling that said the county violated the Clean Water Act. Since the … Read More...