Rainfall & Drought

Climate change has brought about a change in rainfall patterns which is generally decreasing rain in formerly dry areas and increasing rainfall in the wet areas. We need to find ways to take advantage of these new patterns by capturing more of the rainfall and diverting it to the dryer areas.

Rainfall Issues

The Aquifers

Much of Hawaii's pristine fresh water comes from its volcanic stone aquifers. The increasing demands for water from Hawaii's increased population and tourist industry, combined with rising ocean levels have shrunk the supply of fresh water in the aquifers, particularly on Oahu.

Groundwater Issues

Rivers & Streams

The flow of fresh water streams and rivers in Hawaii have also significantly declined. At the same time, shrinking government funding has curtailed stream level tests and sampling so the decline is uncharted.

Rivers & Streams Issues

Water Conservation

Water conservation is the key to preserving Hawaii's dwindling freshwater supply. Many mainland cities have successfully used new methods of conservation as part of their future water plans. Water rates need to be utilized which encourage users that are conserving water at the same time as punishing water wasters.

Conservation Issues

News & Research

UH dashboard provides public, officials with tap water data

UH News: The University of Hawaiʻi Red Hill Task Force has launched a Tap Water Screening Dashboard that displays data on potential fuel-based contaminants in water screened by UH experts and is intended to help the public better understand the quality of their tap water. The interactive dashboard allows the public to track water sample findings over time and provides visual maps and graphs used … Read More...

Families Demand Answers After Navy Water Main Breaks Near Pearl Harbor

(October/ Civil Beat) The Navy urged residents to conserve water after a fourth water main break occurred on its system Monday, adding to the list of problems for some 93,000 people near Pearl Harbor who faced a fuel contamination crisis last year. Military officials said people should continue to boil water for drinking and cooking as a precaution against bacteria until the system is deemed … Read More...

The lawsuit over Hawaii’s Red Hill water contamination crisis has drawn in more than 100 new plaintiffs

(Nov 2020) CNN — More than 100 new plaintiffs affected by water contamination at Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility in Hawaii have been included in a lawsuit against the United States government. The lawsuit was originally filed earlier this year with the US District Court for the District of Hawaii, and included the names of 10 plaintiffs. The most recent update to the document, which was … Read More...